Chanel Iman Robinson (born December 1, 1990)is an American model, known professionally as Chanel Iman. She is best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel.Iman was born in AtlantaGeorgia in 1990. She grew up in Los AngelesCalifornia. Her mother is of half Korean and half African American descent, and her father is African American.Iman started modeling with Ford Models at the age of 12 as a child model in Los Angeles, California. She flew to New York in 2006 and won third place in Ford's Supermodel of the World contest.Read More ...
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Director of Chanel’s latest short film” Spectral” and friend, Jenna Elizabeth, speaks on Chanel in a new interview by NYC Curb Appeal.


Mid-interview, the interviewer Jenna was asked why Chanel is the perfect leading lady for alot of her films. Check out her answer below:

I’ve noticed that model Chanel Iman is a constant muse in your films. What is it about her that makes you feel that she is the woman that can give you what you need in your films? She has a really commanding energy and the thing that I love about her (and I’ve only met in one other model really which is Erin Wasson), she just has a complete understanding of her body in a way that is beyond me, where she can move in ways that she really knows her body and knows her angles. She exudes a level of confidence that I find really attractive. It’s not this frail and meek vibe of a girl in a corner with hunched shoulders. It’s a girl that’s taking up space and that’s something that I’d like to reiterate. Of all the films I do, I never want to portray women in that way. Chanel has always been a really great cheerleader and super supportive of everything I’ve ever done. From the very beginning was always just like, “Whatever you need”.

There’s a funny story, when we were shooting Spectral [laughs], she had like a cough… and we had a shoot in this field …and it looked so beautiful. But what you don’t see, is it’s actually a marsh and water is up to her ankles and her feet are in trash bags and the plastic is breaking through. The dress is getting caught on the brambles you know, sticks are going up herhooha, her legs are literally bleeding and getting cut as she’s running through this and she asks me, “Jenna do you want another take?” and I said, “Yes. The answer is always yes, Chanel.” [smiles] She just offers and she’s just so good about not being a poor sport and doing what’s best for the sake of the team. I just think on a cultural level, Chanel has a lot of weighted significance in the industry. I think it’s really important to represent diversity and I like what she represents for me and my generation. I think it’s a good quality to look for. A lot people have been kind of safe in the people they’ve been choosing and Chanel just always had a quality to me that was just so refreshing and earnest and she’s been doing it for so long. She’s great.

Another funny story I’ll tell you [laughs]. When we were shooting the flower scene, at one point we did a take of her and she licks the flower and then she bites the flower. After we did the take, we’re walking back to the main area of the house, and I go, “Chanel, you spit out that flower right? It’s a poisonous flower.” She goes, and looks at me like dead serious and she’s like, “I thought you said it was edible, that I could eat it.” And I was like, my heart just sank! I’m like, “This is it. We have to go to the hospital now, I have to get her stomach pumped, oh my God.” She’s like, “Jenna I’m just messing with you, I didn’t eat it.” And I’m like, “Oh my God.” Now the acting comes through. She can turn it on.

Such powerful statements from  Jenna! Speaks on how dedicated Chanel is as a worker! Read the full interview HERE

And watch Spectral HERE

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