Chanel Iman Robinson (born December 1, 1990)is an American model, known professionally as Chanel Iman. She is best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel.Iman was born in AtlantaGeorgia in 1990. She grew up in Los AngelesCalifornia. Her mother is of half Korean and half African American descent, and her father is African American.Iman started modeling with Ford Models at the age of 12 as a child model in Los Angeles, California. She flew to New York in 2006 and won third place in Ford's Supermodel of the World contest.Read More ...
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Chanel had a live Facebook chat with O, The Oprah Magazine yesterday (6/19)!

In the chat, Chanel talks about her newest “Exclusively Styled” campaign with Gap Factory stores, hot summer looks, and how she keeps in style with Gap!

Read the transcript of the chat after the jump!

Q: Chanel Iman, can you tell us how you got started in modeling to get the chat started?
Chanel: I moved to New York when I was 15 and started traveling around the world walking fashion shows
Q: Hi Chanel! This is so cool, what kind of advice would you give young girls starting out in this industry?
Chanel: The advice I would give young girls starting out in the industry is to always keep your family close. My mom traveled with me everywhere up until I was 18 ☺ you can get really lost if you don’t have family support ☺
Q: What are your must-haves items for summer?
Chanel: My summer must haves are a sexy sandals, chic beach bag and lots of bikinis ☺
Q: Head shot first, or just walk into an agency?
Chanel: I walked in without a headshot and the agency took Polaroids. I think it’s better that way because they can see your true beauty with no make up.
Q: What tips can you give to someone who wants to look stylish but has a budget?
Chanel: A style is individual so make it work for you. Vintage, Commission, and Boutiques are where I find really expensive clothes for cheap.
Q: I’m not a big fan of jeans in the summer-way too hot. And when I think of the Gap, I think jeans. Any other must haves available at the Gap?
Chanel: Yes! Gap has loads of nice skirts, dresses, etc. I love to wear in the summer. Even throwing on some Gap shorts and tanks; super easy and cute.
Q: What is your favorite summer statement color this year?
Chanel: I’m in New York a lot and a lot of people wear black. This summer I want to be sure I wear clothes that are bright and colorful!
Q: You’ve traveled to many cities. What is your favorite city during the summer?
Chanel: In the summer, I really enjoy traveling to the Caribbean. I love warm weather, good music, and good food.
Q: I know Gap Factory has some great styles of shorts for summer. What are your favorite ways to take the look from day to night?
Chanel: The best way to take the look from day to night is to tie a gap factory flannel on your waist and put it on at night. Both ways of wearing it is cute!
Q: What made you decide to do the GAP Factory campaign?
Chanel: I choose this campaign because I shopped here as a little girl and I just love Gap!
Q: What do you think makes GAP Factory’s summer collection special?
Chanel: Gap Factory is very stylish and very affordable. I love that I can mix and match basic classic pieces with highs and lows.
Q: Chanel, any specific diet or exercise tips you use to look your best?
Chanel: I have a trainer that helps me tone. I need to work out at least 3 times a week to give me energy!
Chanel: Had fun chatting with you all! Have a great rest of the day and don’t forget shop Gap Factory!

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